17 July 2012

Trip to Asia

I really want to take a trip to Asia. Mostly Japan, but i would take any Asian country. I think it's mostly the huge difference in culture. I think it would be awesome to visit some place that is completely "alien" to me. The culture shock is what i really want to experience. Airline tickets that far are crazy pricey! Too much for me to spend right now. I wish my job required at least a tiny amount of travel. My previous one did but i think that's pretty unusual for a software developer. Companies don't normally need to send out a developer to fix an issue. Bug reports are submitted and patches are developed. And anyways software is moving away from being client-side and it's all going web based now. Boooo! That's even more reason for me not to have to travel. Guess i'm just going to have to save up some money for that trip to Japan. And don't I wouldn't want work to interfere with touristy stuff i'm doing. Oh yeah, screw that normal touristy stuff when i'm there! I'm there for an experience, not fucking Tokyo Disney. Don't give me the same shit i can get at home with a Japanese twist.


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