16 January 2016


I get asked this question quite a lot. I mean not from random people on the street or people sitting next to me at the bar but from recruiters, IT managers, and other developers. I've read tons of articles about what is a "Full-Stack" developer and do they exist or not and i'm not going to argue this point. I think it's completely stupid to debate this because the IT community has determined "Full-Stack" is back-end + front-end and if you think it should include dba, devops,etc... well good luck trying to change that. I think you would have better luck trying to get those "hoverboards" renamed to something that is more accurate.
Anyway, i've always considered myself a full-stack developer. I liked working all the way from the database queries up to the html and jquery. I was proud of it too. I've met so many java developers that can't do anything in javascript, but like many java developers i thought that front-end development was simpler than back-end. Since i've started working with AngularJS at work, i have changed my mind completely. To even illustrate my point i helped court write a reporting application that used nothing but javascript. Angular handled our front-end and i wrote a small pass-through api server in nodejs to get our data from a jira database. The longer i'm in this field and the more i notice that most of my jobs are going to be java web developer jobs, the more i find the back-end side of that to be SUPER boring. I think when the time is right for a transition, it's going to be for a front-end angular position or maybe just a javascript dev (node is pretty sweet). I've moved passed my "front-end" bias and i think that angular blurs the line of front-end and back-end and also pushes the limits of what the responsibility of the front-end should be. I will always like java but i think javascript is where some exciting new development is happening.


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